HTML5 and Device API’s

Monday 16 April 2012

Last week the question of HTML5 and sensors came up. This wasn’t really strange as we where talking about the HTML5 GeoLocation features and using the, optional, GPS is just one device or sensor you might want to use.

It turns out the W3C has a Device APIs Working Group working on this problem. They are working on a whole range of interesting devices like:

  • Battery Status API
  • Contacts API
  • HTML Media Capture
  • Media Capture API
  • Network Information API
  • Sensor API
  • Vibration API
  • Calendar API
  • MediaStream Capture Scenarios
  • And more..


The Sensor API covers a group of others

  • AmbientTemperature   
    A ambient temperature
  • AtmPressure   
    A pressure sensor   
  • RelHumidity   
    A releative humidity sensor   
  • AmbientLight   
    A light sensor   
  • AmbientNoise   
    A ambient noise sensor   
  • DevMagneticField   
    A magnetic field sensor   
  • DevProximity   
    A proximity sensor

Sweet, this should open up some nice capabilities in the future. The problem is that for now this is just one of may standards out there and it seems it will be some time before these standards are actually usable. Guess we have to stick to native clients, or something like PhoneGap, for now.