The browser landscape is changing

Friday 13 April 2012

I hadn’t really been paying attention to the popularity of browsers a whole lot for the last few months until this week as I was teaching HTML5 and the usage stats influence what is usable and what not. Sure I heard some time ago that Chrome was larger then IE but as most of these statistics are more about politics then anything else I tend to ignore them and just check some sites I know are producing real numbers for me. And the best I know way is to compare Google Analytics on some large sites.


And was I surprised this week when I checked.


These are the stats I collected last December for an HTML5 presentation I did back then:


As you can see there are three big players and Internet Explorer was the biggest with a 42% market share. Now your stats may vary slightly but I would be very surprised they where very different for a general purpose website.


However when I checked this week things where very different.


The total number of visits may be down quite a bit but we arte still looking at more than half a million visits here. And not only did Google Chrome pass Internet Explorer but so did Firefox. And even with the overall traffic being down more than 25% Chrome still manages to get more visits in now then it did in December.


Didn’t see that one coming, it sure seems we are living in a very interesting time as HTML5 developers.